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Major Tamás

Tamás Major

The inventor of Control Ice, he grew up in his parents ice cream shop, where helping out with the production and sale of ice cream was an every day activity since his teenage years. He is passionate about learning the trends in taste of his customers.

After graduating as an economist he becomes the marketing manager of the shop, invigorating the business with new products. His mission in this segment is improving the efficiency of ice cream shops while putting an end to squandering/waste.

He envisions building systems that help business owners learn customer preferences, that can aid in the refinement of ice cream shops nourishing and expanding their clientele without unnecessary costs.

Tóth Attila Péter

Attila is Tamás’ childhood friend, he graduated from the Technical University of Timisoara and continued his studies in Abu Dhabi. After graduation he started his software engineering career at Microsoft.

He and Tamás designing and refine the system called Control Ice. His objective is to give customers a system, that even their grandmother could use without special training.

He envisions designing systems that closely model real world scenarios, thus they can be used intuitively while providing key business information for decision making.